Advancements in Healthcare Featuring Dr. Anthony Romeo – Part Three

On week three of Advancements in Healthcare, Paul is ready to undergo surgery! We get an inside look of the digital program that Dr. Anthony Romeo uses for the final review before surgery. This digital program uses 3-D images of the patient’s shoulder from their CT scan, and allows a 180 view so that the team can get a good look at where the implant is going with pinpoint accuracy. A shoulder replacement, with a team that has years of experience and runs like a well oiled machine, should take less than two hours and is a very safe and reliable procedure. This is what facilitates an outpatient procedure because it allows the team to work for a short period of time, where the patient is under a brief amount of anesthesia and loses less blood than one would when donating. Dr. Anthony Romeo and his team make sure the patient is wake and feeling well enough to go home the same day.

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