The Angel System May Help Patients Heal Faster

Patients suffering from a full-thickness rotator tear understand how painful this shoulder condition can be. It needs to be corrected with surgery, but patients who have undergone the surgery know that the recovery is not always the fastest or easiest experience. Bones require time to heal properly, and that’s why we are always trying to develop methods of solving these issues without the use of invasive surgery.

One such device, the Angel System from Arthrex, aims to help minimize the number of rotator cuff repair surgeries that are required. Learn more about the most recent Angel System study here, and reach out to Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD if you have any questions.

The Angel System Study

Currently undergoing clinical trials to acquire FDA approval, the Angel System is a complex piece of machinery designed to spin out blood into its constituent parts. By doing so, the Angel System can gives us just the part of the blood we need, whether that is just the red blood cells, the plasma, or even stem cells. The goal of the trial is to use the Angel System to produce mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a patient’s marrow, which can then be injected into the surgical site of the rotator cuff tear.

The trial’s aim is to demonstrate that MSC injections can help the patient’s body heal on its own, which would avoid the need to repair the tear with surgery. This puts less strain on the patient’s body, and it helps to minimize the number of surgeries required to correct this problem. Secondly, the trial also hopes to demonstrate that MSCs can not only help the body heal, but that the cells can actually strengthen the tendons and prevent future tears. If successful, this trial could revolutionize the treatment of rotator cuff tears.

Receive High-Quality Treatment at Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

We understand that no one enjoys surgery, and we are hopeful that this trial will allow us to continue to offer our patients even higher quality of care than we currently do without needing to provide surgery and without cutting corners. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic treatment options, and we make sure we provide them with the option that is best for them.

Learn More About the Angel System at Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

If you’re in need of an orthopaedic surgeon, or if you would like to learn more about the Angel System and its potential use, you can contact us online to ask a question or to schedule an appointment today!

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