What is arthroscopic surgery and are you a candidate?

Not long ago, serious shoulder injuries required major surgery through large incisions. Today, advanced arthroscopic technologies in the hands of skilled surgeons like trusted Chicago orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Romeo have changed the patient experience from one involving a hospital stay and prolonged recovery to an outpatient procedure that requires just a few small incisions.... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Shoulder Separation and Dislocation?

The shoulder is a complex piece of interlocking joints and muscles, and shoulder injuries may occur through abrupt trauma or through the natural wear and tear that comes with living life. But because the shoulder is so complicated, there are a number of different conditions that may present themselves. Two common ones are the separated... Read More

The Angel System May Help Patients Heal Faster

Patients suffering from a full-thickness rotator tear understand how painful this shoulder condition can be. It needs to be corrected with surgery, but patients who have undergone the surgery know that the recovery is not always the fastest or easiest experience. Bones require time to heal properly, and that’s why we are always trying to... Read More

Forward-Thinking and Revolutionary, the Eclipse Shoulder Replacement Device

Surgeons and doctors are constantly looking to improve their techniques and develop new technologies to make procedures simpler and safer, as well as to reduce recovery time. One of these recent developments is the revolutionary Eclipse prosthesis, which aims to reduce the invasiveness of procedures and enhance the quality of joint replacements. Currently, the Eclipse... Read More

Young Female Athletes Face Overuse Injury Risks

In a new article published in the Orthopaedics section of Healio, Dr. Anthony Romeo and his co-writer Dr. Rachel M. Frank outline the risk young female athletes face for overuse injuries. Read on to learn more about this threat to our young female sports players, and then check out our other educational resources about elbow... Read More

How We Treat Shoulder Pain at Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

The shoulder is more complicated than it appears and is actually a combination of three body parts: your humerus, your scapula, and your clavicle. Because it’s more complicated than many people think, it’s easy to injure one or more of its components; and you should take injury to any part of your shoulder seriously. Fortunately,... Read More

Dr. Anthony Romeo Discusses Youth Sports Injury Prevention

Dr. Anthony Romeo appeared on WGN on July 1st, 2016 to talk about the steps coaches, parents, and sports institutions can take to prevent injuries in young athletes. As the co-team physician for Chicago sports teams like the White Sox and Bulls, Dr. Anthony Romeo has garnered respect as an authority on sports injury prevention... Read More

Tai-Chi and Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD Can Help Ease Issues with Arthritis

For many people, arthritis is an everyday pain that makes common and simple activities difficult and painful. Fortunately there are simple exercises you can perform to help you alleviate that pain. Forbes recently published an article elaborating on the health benefits of regular Tai-Chi exercises, and Forbes consulted Dr. Anthony Romeo for the article. “Tai... Read More

Osteoporosis Treatment Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Fracture

As you get older, your body isn’t as resilient as it once was, and formerly casual activities can sometimes lead to long-term or severe injury. That’s why it’s important to pay more attention to preventive care and do what you can to prolong the strength and durability of your body for as long as you... Read More

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