What You Need to Know About Weighted Baseballs

In recent years, weighted-baseball training programs have become increasingly popular as young pitchers try to increase their throwing velocity. While a standard baseball weighs 5 oz, weighted baseballs are often 20% heavier at 6 oz. Some weigh even more—up to a whopping 15 oz! Unfortunately, these baseballs have been associated with an increase in injury... Read More

An Award-Winning Conductor Gets Back to the Music: Jerry Blackstone

Patient: Jerry Blackstone Occupation: Choral conductor & university professor Age at Surgery: 68 Procedure: Total shoulder arthroplasty of left shoulder Thinking about my grandfather’s experience with arthritis, I’m very grateful for my surgery—what a gift! As a Grammy-award-winning choral conductor, Jerry Blackstone was resigned to the fact that his shoulder hurt —it felt like a... Read More

Is Latarjet Surgery The Right Choice For You?

In 1954, French surgeon Dr. Michel Latarjet published an exciting new surgical technique to treat unstable shoulders. Although it took a while for American surgeons to embrace this technique, it is widely accepted around the world as the most effective technique for treating anterior (front) instability of the shoulder with loss of some of the... Read More

How to Prevent Surgical Site Infections

After any surgery, there is a small chance of getting a surgical site infection (SSI). According to Infectious Disease Advisor, approximately 27 million surgical procedures are performed in the United States each year, with up to 5% resulting in SSI. This is because your skin is a natural barrier against external factors that can cause... Read More

Getting Back to Martial Arts: Paul Beierwaltes

Patient: Paul BeierwaltesOccupation: Martial Arts athleteAge at Surgery: 49Procedure: Two shoulder replacements “I’m now three years out from surgery, and I’m still advancing and getting greater range-of-motion.“ In the late 1990s, Paul Beierwaltes started to notice aches and pains in his shoulders. As an avid Hapkido martial arts practitioner and teacher, he fought through the pain for many years... Read More

An Elite College Pitcher with an Uncommon Injury: Mason Erla

Patient: Mason ErlaOccupation: College baseball pitcherAge at Surgery: 19Procedure: Repair of latissimus tendon “I really appreciated that Dr. Romeo was interested in my career post-surgery.”—Mason Erla When Mason Erla, a 6’ 4” talented right-handed pitcher stepped up to the mound on February 26, 2017, he didn’t know it would be the last time he would... Read More

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