Is Latarjet Surgery The Right Choice For You?

In 1954, French surgeon Dr. Michel Latarjet published an exciting new surgical technique to treat unstable shoulders. Although it took a while for American surgeons to embrace this technique, it is widely accepted around the world as the most effective technique for treating anterior (front) instability of the shoulder with loss of some of the... Read More

How to Prevent Surgical Site Infections

After any surgery, there is a small chance of getting a surgical site infection (SSI). According to Infectious Disease Advisor, approximately 27 million surgical procedures are performed in the United States each year, with up to 5% resulting in SSI. This is because your skin is a natural barrier against external factors that can cause... Read More

Returning to the Mound: How Pitchers can Lower their Risk of Injury

Baseball players are back on the field after the longest off-season and latest season start ever. Although the players have been officially allowed to train since July 1, there is concern that the shortened training time may leave them more susceptible to injuries—especially pitchers. While this abbreviated season will undoubtedly heighten the risk of injury... Read More

Former Division I Soccer Player deals with Shoulder Dislocations

Alex Howell, a 28-year-old sixth grade science teacher, has been passionate about soccer since she was eight years old. She played both soccer and softball, however she dedicated most of her time to soccer, and even earned a scholarship at Illinois State University, where she was a four year starter, and where her team made... Read More

Yoga instructor back to teaching after Total Shoulder Replacement can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Yoga Instructor back to teaching after Total Shoulder Replacement ( Donna Thomas, a life-long athlete and current yoga instructor, started noticing shoulder pain about four years ago caused by osteoarthritis.  After numerous joint injections, physical therapy and modification of daily activities to avoid pain, she decided to... Read More

Advancements in Healthcare Featuring Dr. Anthony Romeo – Part Six

On the final segment of Advancements in Healthcare, Dr. Anthony Romeo discusses shoulder replacement surgery in an outpatient setting, and the advancements made to this operation over the years. The biggest change made over the last twenty years to shoulder replacement surgery is that initially, the bone would be cut in a way where the implant... Read More

Advancements in Healthcare Featuring Dr. Anthony Romeo – Part Five

On week five of Advancements in Healthcare, Paul is ready for physical therapy. After the first six weeks in a sling, Paul starts physical therapy exercises to strengthen and stretch his shoulder. Day by day, small progressions are made, and the pain subsides. Dr. Anthony Romeo and the team analyze Paul’s range of motion to... Read More

Advancements in Healthcare Featuring Dr. Anthony Romeo – Part Four can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Shoulder Replacement Part 4 ( On week four of Advancements in Healthcare, we will find out the immediate steps to take after shoulder replacement surgery. After surgery, the sling must be worn at all times to make sure that the rotator cuff tendon is protected. We follow... Read More

Dr. Anthony Romeo works with Therapia to make the peri-operative experience seamless and patient-centered.

The future of patient-centered post-operative physical therapy is in the home. Therapia, a healthcare technology company launched in 2016, connects patients to physical therapists in their home and provides an example of a unique model that has the ability to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. This technology equips and empowers patients to prepare their home... Read More

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