Current Research Projects

shoulder elbow researchBasic Science Research

  • Biomechanical Analysis of Subscapularis Repair.
  • Smith & Nephew biomechanical analysis of fixation in the Latarjet procedure – screws only
  • Arthrex biomechanical analysis of fixation in the Latarjet procedure – plate and screws
  • Remplissage technique for Hill-Sachs lesions.
  • Transosseous RCR follow-up/ MT Junction.
  • PEEK implant study.
  • Posterior instability – distal tibia vs iliac crest.
  • MR vs CT for glenoid bone loss.

Clinical Studies

  • Rotator Cuff Repair in Patients under 30.
  • Clinical Outcomes of Distal Tibial Allografts.
  • Latarjet for failed instability surgery.
  • EMG analysis of biceps in overhead throwing athlete.
  • Healicoil Anchor for RCR.
  • ELISA test of synovial fluid for OA – shoulders vs knees.
  • Cross-fit epidemiological study.
  • Low-grade infection as cause of post-operative pain & stiffness in revision shoulder surgery.
  • Arthroscopic revision for failed instability surgery.
  • Late biceps tenodesis for cramping after spontaneous rupture or tenotomy of the biceps.
  • EMG shoulder arthroplasty.
  • Multicenter study of shoulder arthroplasty failures with UW.

Future Studies

  • TSA vs RTSA >70
  • Synovial fluid analysis for inflammatory markers intra-op and post-op for patients with cartilage procedures
  • Stem cell migration in MxFx
  • ACL Research Robot Study
  • Shoulder arthroplasty outcome scores
  • GHJ kinematics (3D motion) – RI closure savioe vs provencher
  • Capitellar Surface Mapping
  • Accuracy of the Physical Exam for Diagnosis of Shoulder Pathology in Overhead Athletes (Romeo) IRB 11112001
  • Retrospective acute RC tear outcome (start after OBERD in place)
  • ACL graft preference study (Cole, Forsythe, Nho, Verma) (start after OBERD in place)
  • Outcomes of TSA correlated with MRI grading (Zain, Romeo, Nicholson, Verma)
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