Dr. Anthony Romeo in Orthopedics Today: “Women in Orthopaedic surgery: Raise the bar, narrow the gap”

Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the articles Dr. Anthony Romeo has written recently for Orthopedics Today. As the Chief Medical Editor, he writes an article for each issue of the publication.

In last October’s issue, Dr. Anthony Romeo wrote an article about women in Orthopaedics. Title “Women in Orthopaedic surgery: Raise the bar, narrow the gap”, the article explains the gender gap that exists with Orthopaedic surgeons. He explains the importance of minimizing the barriers and stereotypes that exist in the field. He also describes why more women Orthopaedic surgeons should be involved in patient care and leadership roles.

Dr. Anthony Romeo closes the article by saying “by demystifying stereotypes, breaking down barriers and fostering career development of young female Orthopaedic surgeons through mentorship we can truly make this field the best it can be. Together, our sustained efforts will encourage the best medical students, including the half who are women, to enter Orthopaedic surgery.”

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