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Dr. Anthony Romeo in Orthopedics Today: Orthopedic surgeons should address challenges of youth sports from a team approach

July 10, 2014

Dr. Anthony Romeo’s latest commentary for Orthopedics Today has been published. Entitled, “Orthopedic surgeons should address challenges of youth sports from a team approach”, the article discusses the benefits of youth sports and the responsibilities of those involved in the care of young athletes.

Dr. Anthony Romeo writes, “Orthopedic surgeons need to address the most significant challenges from a team approach. Orthopedic surgeons know the benefits of sport, not only as a child or young adult, but also as part of a life-long commitment to better health and a greater sense of responsibility for our own well-being. We need to find the time and take the opportunities to lead the team in the prevention of sports-related injuries. The benefits of sport can be taken away from a child with one serious injury — an injury that may be prevented with the current knowledge available.”

Click here to read the entire commentary on the Orthopedics Today web site »

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