Dr. Anthony Romeo in Orthopedics Today: Concept of ‘benefit to patients’ offers a unique set of challenges

Dr. Anthony Romeo’s June commentary in Orthopedics Today is now online. As the Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Anthony Romeo publishes a new commentary in each issue.

The topic of the June commentary is the concept of ‘benefit to patients’. Dr. Anthony Romeo begins the commentary by saying, “Every day we manage patients based on what we have learned and experienced in clinical practice. We are obligated to provide the best care available based on our knowledge as well as consider many clinical factors, including the shared decision-making process with patients.” The article then discusses the challenges, limitations and guidelines that can effect how the benefit to a patient is determined.

Later in the article he says, “Hands-on care, sense of empathy, positive response to intervention even for a limited period of time, and the development of trust are essential aspects of successful medical care.”

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