Dr. Anthony Romeo Appears on Living Healthy Chicago — Part 3

In the third and final part of Dr. Anthony Romeo’s Living Healthy Chicago episode, Dr. Anthony Romeo helps a senior patient reclaim her passion for dance. The story of Dr. Anthony Romeo and Janet Streenz illustrates that no matter where you are in the journey of life, orthopaedic shoulder surgery can help you enjoy activities you may have given up on due to a poorly functioning or injured shoulder. Learn more about how Dr. Anthony Romeo saved Janet’s shoulder and her love for dance — and take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of this series for other inspirational orthopaedic surgery stories.

Tears can Happen Over Time

As we get older, our tendons wear thin, making it easier to suffer shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tears. That’s why it’s important to exercise and be careful when lifting objects, especially above the shoulder level — and why you should also contact an orthopaedic surgeon if you think you’ve experienced an injury.

Janet Streenz is an active and energetic dance teacher who has instructed thousands of students in her 61-year career. Over this time, she has taught students ballet, tap, and jazz styles of dance, and she has also been an acrobatics instructor. Even as the most active among us go through life, our bodies become more susceptible to injury.

The years of strenuous activity eventually took their toll on Janet. Decades of repetitive arm movement lead to serious shoulder pain as her rotator cuff tendons thinned over time, and eventually tore away from the bone. As a result, Janet was in a lot of pain whenever she moved her arm. Teaching dance lessons became very difficult for her, leading to despair and depression as she found herself unable to engage in her passion for dance.

Janet’s Treatment

Janet consulted her doctor, but because of the complexity of her injury, she was referred to Dr. Anthony Romeo. Attempts to repair her torn rotator cuff tendon just did not work, but Dr. Anthony Romeo had the best solution. Dr. Anthony Romeo recommended shoulder replacement surgery using a reverse prosthesis. Reverse shoulder replacement is a procedure where the anatomy of the shoulder and the shoulder blade are rotated to reconstruct the shoulder joint, eliminating the need for an intact rotator cuff. Dr. Anthony Romeo has been a pioneer and innovator for both the procedure and the prosthesis.

After a successful surgery, Janet was able to continue her teaching career for another 10 years. Her pain was immediately relieved, and soon enough she was back to full mobility. “It’s worth everything to make the effort to come to the best,” she told Living Healthy Chicago about Dr. Anthony Romeo and Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD. “I wouldn’t go to anybody else now.”

Contact Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

If you’re like Janet and you think you’ve suffered an orthopaedic shoulder injury as a result of long-term wear and tear, seek treatment today. Reach out to Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD to schedule your consultation.Part OnePart Two

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