Dr. Anthony Romeo works with Therapia to make the peri-operative experience seamless and patient-centered.

The future of patient-centered post-operative physical therapy is in the home. Therapia, a healthcare technology company launched in 2016, connects patients to physical therapists in their home and provides an example of a unique model that has the ability to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. This technology equips and empowers patients to prepare their home pre- and post-operatively for a seamless recovery process.  Physical therapists can work with patients to (i) navigate their home with post-operative restrictions in mind; (ii) teach them exercises in an environment where they will be performing them on a daily basis; and (iii) involve all stakeholders including family in the recovery process.  As the emphasis on performing outpatient surgical procedures increases (especially in the context of our aging population), the value of home physiotherapy and tools such as Therapia will rise.  Dr. Anthony Romeo is working with Therapia as a clinical advisor as they prepare for entry into the United States in 2018.  We look forward to making a transition from a provider-centric to a patient-centric peri-operative ecosystem!

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