Dr. Anthony Romeo’s May Commentary for Orthopedics Today

Dr. Anthony Romeo’s latest commentary for Orthopedics Today is entitled “Orthopedic surgeons need to set expectations, provide patients with hope after poor results”.

In the article, he discusses the importance of effectively providing support to patients after poor results from a procedure. At the end of the article, Dr. Anthony Romeo writes “Some may criticize my comments and strategies to discuss poor results as too idealistic. In today’s medical and legal climate, there is even more pressure to redirect or displace blame for poor results or results that do not achieve patient expectations. Maybe evasive, defensive and even deceptive strategies could be endorsed to deal with poor results. However, we all have internal moral compasses that help us follow a path in life and I cannot endorse such methods. Rather, I suggest Orthopaedic surgeons provide patients with a strategy. Give patients hope that you will sincerely do all you can to help them achieve a better result.”

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