Forward-Thinking and Revolutionary, the Eclipse Shoulder Replacement Device

Surgeons and doctors are constantly looking to improve their techniques and develop new technologies to make procedures simpler and safer, as well as to reduce recovery time. One of these recent developments is the revolutionary Eclipse prosthesis, which aims to reduce the invasiveness of procedures and enhance the quality of joint replacements. Currently, the Eclipse is being developed in a clinical trial. Learn more about this and other shoulder surgery devices and techniques at Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse joint prosthesis is currently in a clinical trial, and its developers are aiming to prove it’s superior to the currently in-use Univers II device for treating some shoulder injuries. Compared to the Univers II, a stemmed shoulder replacement device, the Eclipse is stemless. This allows it to function without disrupting as much of the bone, which allows for easier future shoulder revisions. The Eclipse also features small fenestrations, which allows for minimal bone growth and makes the device more stable over time. The Eclipse is in the process of acquiring FDA approval, but the goal of the trial is to demonstrate that the joint is safer and more effective for the patients who receive it. So if it acquires approval, then in the future it may be used to make shoulder joint replacements easier and healthier for our patients.

Here to Help

Here at Dr. Anthony Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest developments in surgical technology. This includes the Eclipse device and other devices like it. Because we are always staying current on the latest advances, we’re able to offer our patients that greatest in available surgical procedures and equipment. As one of the nation’s leaders in the surgical treatment of shoulder and elbow problems, we pride ourselves on offering our patients an exceptional quality of care and a comprehensive range of treatment options. No matter what your orthopaedic issues, we are here to help you.

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