Dr. Anthony Romeo Pioneers Research to Improve Baseball Medicine and Injury Prevention

Co-founded by Dr. Anthony Romeo, the Baseball Sports Medicine: Game-Changing Concept conference will be held November 3rd to 4th at the Major League Baseball’s Office of the Commissioner. This conference will bring together many of the team physicians working in the MLB today, and it will provide these doctors a wonderful opportunity to propose ideas and to learn about new and innovative ways of approaching sports medicine. After over 20 years in sports medicine, Dr. Anthony Romeo continues to change the game. Learn more about Dr. Anthony Romeo’s approach to Tommy John Surgery, and check out our news section to learn more about Dr. Anthony Romeo’s work in preventing injuries in youth athletes — including appearances in the Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated, and WGN.

Game-Changing Concepts at the Conference

This conference is designed for team physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, or any orthopaedic surgeons concerned with providing the highest quality of sports medicine care available. The event will feature didactic presentations, as well as case-based scenarios, and time will be provided for attendees to ask questions. At the end of the event, attendees should be able to identify epidemiological trends in high school and collegiate athletes, as well as be able to integrate preventative health measures for their team’s regiment. Further, they should be able to apply surgical and nonsurgical treatments and rehabilitation for microskeletal conditions.

How Can Dr. Anthony Romeo Help You?

Dr. Anthony Romeo is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon with full resources at his disposal, and he is also a renowned medical scholar. He has the knowledge and the skill to get you back to your healthiest self. With over 20 years experience of work and innovation, Dr. Anthony Romeo is able to asses your orthopaedic injury and provide both surgical and nonsurgical courses of treatment. Regardless of your current condition, Dr. Anthony Romeo can help you get on the path towards full recovery today or help you along your course of rehabilitative treatment.

Learn More About the Baseball Sports Medicine at Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

If you or someone you know has recently suffered an injury to the shoulder or elbow, or if you would like to learn more about the Baseball Sports Medicine Meeting: Game-Changing Concepts, contact Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD to ask any questions — or to schedule a consultation.

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