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In-Depth Interview with Dr. Anthony Romeo on

May 13, 2015

When asked what Dr. Anthony Romeo’s biggest fear as a surgeon was, he replied, “My biggest fear with regards to the pitching problem is that we are having too many of these young kids having this surgery. What that tells me is that they are being pushed either by themselves, by their parents unfortunately at times or their coaches and that this is causing more and more of these problems. We really have to pay attention to the kids and if they’re having pain in their elbow or discomfort in their elbow we’ve got to back down. We also have to work very hard to teach them how to throw correctly and better mechanics will help minimize this problem. Then if it does become a problem, they really need to get the proper management without surgery and then subsequently with surgery as needed to get the very best result. The thing that really bothers me the most is when I see a young person who has this injury and basically gives up on sports because they think that there’s nothing that can be done or they’ve had a surgery and they’ve had a complication related to that surgery. These are the frustrating things that we’re going to try very hard to minimize when we care for our youth athletes.”

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