Former Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD Patients Share Their Stories

Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD and Dr. Anthony Romeo are here to provide you with the highest quality orthopaedic care available. Whether its addressing issues related to elbow injuries or shoulder injuries, we have the expertise and experience to make sure you get back to your fullest self. Read our patient testimonials to learn how others have benefitted from Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD’ care, and then schedule a consultation today.

Reid W. – Total Shoulder Replacement

Reid is 62 years old, and he loves to exercise. After a minor incident, he was shocked to learn that he lacked any cartilage in either of his shoulders and that he would have to have them totally replaced. The pain eventually became unbearable, and he “found the best guy in the Midwest” to perform the surgery. Reid calls the surgery a “miracle,” and in just a few short months he has been able to return to playing all the sports he loves.

Sean H. – Subscapularis Rotator Cuff Repair

Sean was suffering from severe pain, and her physician was unable to correctly diagnosis the source of her pain. She tried “home therapy, physical exercises, cortisone shots. [She] went to a chiropractor, massage, took Advil. [She] tried everything.” But she came to Dr. Anthony Romeo for a second opinion, and he was able to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. Now Sean is free of the pain that was causing her so many problems for so long.

Janet S. – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

After suffering a number of rotator cuff tears, Janet was referred to Dr. Anthony Romeo by her physician who had studied under Dr. Anthony Romeo. Dr. Anthony Romeo was able to provide Janet with “reverse shoulder replacement” surgery, and it provided her with a whole new lease on life. “I feel so lucky to live in this time,” she says, “and to have a doctor as wonderful as Dr. Anthony Romeo.”

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Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD is here for you, whether you live in Chicagoland, the east coast, the west coast, or abroad. If you need an orthopaedic surgeon or think you may need one, we are here to help you get back to full health. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD today.

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