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Nutrition for Healing

Getting ready for surgery? Here’s why your nutrition matters. The body goes through a lot during surgery. And in order for it to recover, it takes nutrients from other parts of the body to heal any soft issues, tendons, ligaments, and bones affected by the procedure. For example, the body will pull calcium—an essential part […]

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Planning Your Appointment

Before your appointment, find out information about where you should go and what you need to bring.

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Planning Your Surgery

Get information about how to prepare for your surgery during the days leading up to and the day of your surgery.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a critical step in the recovery process. Get more information about how you can help your recovery.

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Worker's Compensation

Get the answers to top questions about how to handle a worker’s compensation injury.

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Medications To Stop Before Surgery


Prior to your surgery, you are going to need to purchase Hibiclens, a pre-surgical soap, from your local pharmacy.   The night before surgery, the hospital staff will contact you and let you know what time to check in for surgery, and remind you to clean your surgical site the night before with the Hibiclens […]

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Check out all the latest videos from Dr. Anthony Romeo to learn more about the various surgeries and techniques used to repair shoulder and elbow injuries.

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