Clinical Nutrition Ortho Nutrition Bundle Chicago

Ortho Nutrition Bundle Chicago

Science is increasingly showing just how critical nutrition is to healing and recovery. During a state of trauma, such as surgery, the body’s nutritional needs increase:

  • The body enters a higher metabolic state and requires more energy
  • Trauma and lack of use leads to muscle atrophy, which prolongs recovery-
  • The immune system is weakened due to stress and shock
  • Risk of wound infection is increased
  • Persistent inflammation delays return of function
  • Trauma and physiological stress lead to increased fatigue

Nutritional deficiencies impede the natural progression of healing, including elevating the risk of infection and lengthening recovery periods. A patient that is nutritionally optimized pre and post op will heal better and faster and have better long-term outcomes.

Clinical Nutrition Chicago

Unfortunately, most Americans are overfed and undernourished, meaning most Americans are not at optimal nutritional status to prevent complications post-trauma.

Clinical Nutrition Chicago

Ortho Nutrition Bundle: A Solution for Pre- and Post-Op Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Chicago

Proper nutrition is an important part of the surgical process that you can control. We have partnered with Enhanced Medical Nutrition to provide our patients with clinical nutrition to optimize recovery from surgery.

Dr. Romeo encourages patients to participate in a nutrition supplement program to help support healing. The Ortho Nutrition Bundle program contains clinically tested supplements designed to help orthopedic patients get optimized for surgery. The supplements are taken two weeks before and two weeks after surgery to reduce muscle loss associated with a procedure and help patients bounce back faster.

To learn more about this program or place an order, visit The Ortho Nutrition Bundle customer care team can also be reached by calling 1-800-619-0783.

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