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Distal Biceps Repair New York City


A common way that a bicep can rupture is by lifting very heavy objects. One of these injuries could be a tearing sensation on the inside of our elbow, and this could be related to the rupture of the distal biceps tendon. The tendon starts at our biceps muscle and goes down into the elbow area and attached onto the radius bone. It attaches in an area that allows us to flex or curl up our arm as well as rotate the arm (such as using a screw driver or opening a door handle). This muscle should be fixed within the four to six weeks because if it goes any longer than that, the tendon can retract and scar into place, which makes it more difficult to fix later on.

Surgical Options

Distal Biceps Repair

This surgery is known as a Distal Biceps Repair, where the tendon that has moved to the front of the arm is located, and pulled back down to the radius bone. A hole is made in the bone, and part of the tendon is pulled out and inserted into the hole. To do this, we make a small in the front of the arm, and the hole is then drilled. Using a special technique, we push the tendons into place and fix it there so that it heals, and allows the return of full flexion strength and full rotation (supination) strength of the elbow.

A sling is to be worn immediately after surgery until about four weeks. From four to twelve weeks, range of motion and isometric exercises can begin. From three months to six months, strengthening can continue as tolerated and rage of motion should be back without pain. A full recovery is expected at 6 months, unless this surgery has been performed alongside another one.

Physical Therapy Protocols


Distal Biceps Tendon Surgery
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