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Medial Epicondylitis

(Golfers Elbow)


Medial Epicondylitis or debridement, more commonly known as golfer’s elbow, is a condition in which the tendon attachment at the inside of the elbow for several muscles used to move the hand and wrist becomes inflamed.  Most people notice pain at the medial aspect, or inside of the elbow, with activities that involve a repeated gripping motion or stress on those tendons, such as golf, rock climbing, or baseball.


Surgical Options

Medial Elbow Debridement

The initial treatment for medial epicondylitis involves rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medication, bracing, and physical therapy.  If symptoms continue despite conservative treatment, surgery may be an option.  The surgery performed for this problem is done through an open incision on the inside part of the elbow.  With this, the tendon insertion (flexor tendon) at the medial epicondyle can be directly visualized.  Scar tissue and inflammation at this site are cleaned up and removed, and the tendon is evaluated for any further damage and repaired if necessary.  

This is an outpatient surgery, which means you will go home the day of your surgery.  You will be placed in a splint for one week after your surgery, after which time the splint is removed and your elbow is supported in a sling for another three weeks.  Physical therapy then begins to restore your range of motion, and once this is accomplished a strengthening program will be started.  A typical recovery time after this procedure is four to six months.


Physical Therapy Protocols