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Revision Shoulder Surgery in New York City


There are many reasons that patients can have persistent pain after a previous surgery. The decision to undergo a revision (or repeat) surgery for the same shoulder or problem is a hard and complex decision. Oftentimes, additional imaging such as x-rays, MRI, MR Arthrogram or CT scans can help determine if further surgery is of benefit. After a discussion in the office regarding your previous care, review of your previous operative reports and imaging, a full physical exam can often help determine if further surgery will be beneficial.

After revision surgery, the recovery time is often a bit longer than the initial surgery. Occasionally, physical therapy is postponed to allow adequate healing time. Full recovery after revision surgery is typically estimated to be longer than the original procedure.

Surgical Options

Revision Shoulder Surgery

Each shoulder revision surgery is different, so when you stop into Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD for your initial consultation, we’ll begin a through diagnostic process to determine your exact condition, the severity of your symptoms, and the best treatment plan for you. When we can, we will treat you non-surgically. If your mobility and interests are served best with surgery, you can count on our team to recommend the best procedure for you based on our professional medical knowledge and your ideal outcome.


Anatomy of the Shoulder as it relates to Surgery
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