Revision Shoulder Surgery in Chicago


Some patients have persistent pain after a previous shoulder surgery. This can happen for a variety of reasons. In order to determine if further surgery will be helpful, Dr. Romeo will:

  • discuss your previous care
  • review your old operative reports and imaging
  • do a full physical exam.
  • order new imaging if necessary

When possible, you will be treated non-surgically. If your mobility and interests are served best with surgery, Dr. Romeo will recommend the best procedure for you based on his professional extensive medical knowledge and your ideal outcome.

Each shoulder revision surgery is different, so Dr. Romeo will be very thorough to determine:

  • your exact condition
  • the severity of your symptoms
  • the best treatment plan for you.

Some patients may benefit from a reverse shoulder replacement. Other may benefit from a Laterjet procedure, while others may be able to have an outpatient arthroscopic procedure. Understandably, the decision to undergo another surgery for the same shoulder is a hard and complex decision. Dr. Romeo works with many patients who required revision shoulder surgery and is happy to talk to the risks and benefits thoroughly.

Will I be completely free of pain after a revision shoulder surgery?

Possibly. Some patients are completely free of shoulder pain after a revision surgery. During the recovery period, however, you will likely experience a certain amount of pain or discomfort as your shoulder heals. Revision surgeries have slower recoveries than first surgeries, but a full recovery is possible. Dr. Romeo will provide clear post-op pain management guidance.

Revision Shoulder Surgery Recovery

After revision surgery, the recovery time is often a bit longer than the initial surgery. Occasionally, physical therapy is postponed to allow adequate healing time.

By modifying your daily activities and closely following your doctor’s recommendations, you can do a lot to reduce the amount of pain you feel. In the early stages of healing, it is important not to put excessive stress on the joint. For example, do not turn the arm or reach sideways, and avoid placing an arm across or behind the body. And definitely do not use the arm to lift something heavy or push your body up from a bed or chair! Ask a family member or friend to help you with tasks during the early period of healing.

Your recovery is a balancing act: You need to be active as soon as possible to strengthen muscles and widen the joint’s range of motion, but you must also be careful not to re-injure the shoulder with physical stress. Dr. Romeo will help you walk this fine line. It is important to follow all of his recommendations in your daily routine. In addition, make sure you keep the incision site clean and dry, and stay alert for any sign of infection, such as fever or excessive swelling.

How to Schedule a Revision Shoulder Surgery Consult

For more information about pain after shoulder replacement, please request an appointment with experienced Chicago orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Romeo. Call our office today to schedule your visit.

Want to know more? Here a few of Dr. Romeo’s recent medical journal articles about revision shoulder surgery:

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