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Cubital Tunnel Surgery New York City


One of the most common nerve problems that happen around the elbow and hand is irritation or compression of the nerve on the inside of the elbow. This is known as the ulnar nerve and it is on the medial side (middle) of the elbow. This nerve can be injured by striking a hard surface, or the nerve can develop some looseness to where it starts slipping back and forth over the inside part of our elbow. One may experience tingling down the arm into the ring and pinky fingers.


Surgical Options

Cubital Tunnel Surgery

To fix this, we use a surgery known as Cubital Tunnel Surgery, or Ulnar Nerve Transposition, where we make a small incision over the top of the nerve and we carefully move the nerve by mobilizing it from the top part of the nerve down to the corner of the elbow. This nerve then can be lifted up and placed on the top part of the elbow in order to stop the pain.

After surgery, a cast or splint is applied to the elbow to maintain a bent position for healing. This may stay on for approximately two to four weeks. After this time period, physical therapy exercises can start, and the muscle stretching and toning exercises can begin. It may take three to six months to make a complete recovery.

Physical Therapy Protocols


Cubital Tunnel Surgery (Ulnar Nerve Transposition)
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