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While physical therapy may help some, a good percentage of patients go on to dislocate their shoulder again. If this happens, a Bankart Repair surgery may be necessary.

This process requires that the torn tissue be sewn back to the rim of the socket. Another option would be to transplant a tendon to compose new cartilage and ligaments. To do this, small incisions are made in the shoulder and special instruments and sutures are used to connect the torn labrum back to the socket. This repair can be performed as an arthroscopic surgery or an open surgery, and it can also be performed in an outpatient setting where the patient can go home the same day.

A sling will be worn after the surgery anywhere from two to four weeks to ensure proper healing. After three weeks, protected motion such as light stretching will be implemented. At six weeks, a light weight lifting program will be implemented. A full recovery is expected between three to six months, however in some severe cases a full recovery may not occur for nine months to a year.