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Latissimus Dorsi Repair New York City

Latissimus Dorsi Tear or Rupture

Latissimus Dorsi Tear or Rupture Treatment

The latissimus dorsi repair is done by  making an incision in the back of arm, near the armpit. The ruptured tendon is then located, and sutures are placed in the end of the torn tendon. Those sutures are then used to pull the tendon back up to the arm bone where the tendon ruptured. Small metallic anchors, called buttons, are then used to fix the tendon to the bone.

Latissimus Dorsi Repair Recovery

After surgery, the patient maintains in a brace for six weeks. Elbow, wrist and hand motions begin right after surgery. Physical therapy begins two weeks following surgery with passive shoulder range of motion exercises. Active range of motion begins six weeks after surgery. Return to light recreational activities at 3-4 months after surgery, with anticipated return to sports 6-8 months after surgery.