Get the Latest from WGN’s White Sox Injury Report, Now Sponsored By Dr. Anthony Romeo

White Sox fans across Chicago know they can trust WGN-TV’s Hawk and Steve for all the latest news and sports stats. What they might not know is that the White Sox Injury Report is now sponsored by Chicago’s own Dr. Anthony Romeo, the well-known shoulder and elbow expert who earned national recognition for his recent work in repairing Jake Peavy’s latissimus dorsi muscle and returning the pitcher to the mound. WGN joins the rest of Chicago in applauding Dr. Anthony Romeo for his path-breaking surgical work, as well as his role in supporting the WGN White Sox Injury Report.

“A Specialist and a Genius”

An Orthopaedic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Anthony Romeo was recently celebrated as “a specialist and a genius” by WGN’s Hawk and Steve, who praised his work in helping pitcher Jake Peavy recover from a devastating injury he suffered while pitching a game at U.S. Cellular Field in July of 2010. About midway into the game on the fateful day, Peavy delivered a pitch and instantly felt an “excruciating” pain in his right shoulder. As the the 29-year old was soon to find, he had torn his latissimus dorsi muscle from his shoulder bone—a catastrophic injury for anyone, but one which usually spells the end of a pitcher’s career. Luckily, Peavy was pitching in Chicago, and Dr. Anthony Romeo immediately offered his aid to Peavy, explaining that he would be willing to attempt an unprecedented surgery to reattach the pitcher’s muscle. Though Romeo acknowledged that the odds of Peavy’s returning to peak form were less than 50%, Peavy agreed to the surgery, which had never been undertaken because of the low odds of success.

All-Star Success

Thanks to the skill of Dr. Anthony Romeo, it was the right choice: not only was Peavy able return to the mound in 2011, but by 2012 he had been named an American League All Star, and in 2013, he helped the Red Sox earn a World Series championship. Understandably, Jake Peavy is profoundly grateful to Dr. Anthony Romeo—“I owe so much to the man, and we’re still to this day great friends,” he recently explained—and so is WGN, who is happy to partner with Dr. Anthony Romeo as he sponsors the White Sox Injury Report.

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