Shoulder & Elbow Physical Therapy in Chicago


Physical therapy is a critical part of treating many shoulder and elbow conditions. In some cases, physical therapy is used as part of conservative treatment to avoid or delay surgery. When surgery is required, physical therapy is a very important part of recovering to your fullest potential.

Physical therapy is important to:

  • rebuild muscle
  • broaden your range of motion
  • restore flexibility and functionality to joints

Physical therapists are an integral part of your recovery plan. Dr. Romeo and physical therapists work together to create an integrated and structured program designed to get patients back to their best.

After surgery, physical therapy is important for building flexibility and strength. It also keeps scar tissue from forming at the site of the repair. This is very important because scar tissue limits movement and affects shoulder function. Skipping physical therapy results in an incomplete recovery and can severely impact future quality of life.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Protocols

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When will I start physical therapy?

Dr. Anthony Romeo has most patients start physical therapy two to ten days following surgery. There are some exceptions, however. For example, after undergoing a procedure for frozen shoulder, physical therapy starts the day after surgery. For Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement patients, as well as patients who have had repairs of complex rotator cuff tears, physical therapy does not start for six weeks after surgery. Dr. Romeo will give you very specific physical therapy instructions as part of your treatment plan.  Furthermore, if you or your therapist have questions about your rehabilitation plan, Dr. Romeo and his staff are available to ensure a well-coordinated effort throughout the entire recovery process.

How often do I need to go to physical therapy?

You will go to outpatient physical therapy two to three times a week until you meet your goals.

What physical therapist should I see?

Dr. Romeo and his staff will help identify an appropriate therapist and location for your rehabilitation program.  You are responsible for setting up your physical therapy visits. You will be given a prescription that can be found in Section 4 of your surgery information booklet.

You may decide to choose your own therapy facility.  Select an outpatient facility which is close to home/work and check to make sure they accept your insurance. You may also want to work with a physical therapist you have worked with previously. If you do not know where to go, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

If you would like to learn more about the anatomy of the shoulder, please see Dr. Romeo’s video: 

In this video, Dr. Anthony Romeo discusses the importance of flexibility, strength and nutrition to help prevent shoulder injuries.

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