Osteoporosis Treatment Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Fracture

As you get older, your body isn’t as resilient as it once was, and formerly casual activities can sometimes lead to long-term or severe injury. That’s why it’s important to pay more attention to preventive care and do what you can to prolong the strength and durability of your body for as long as you can. By taking a number of small and easy steps now, you can save yourself pain in the future.

Dr. Anthony Romeo was recently consulted for an article that was published in Forbes on this subject. In the article, Dr. Anthony Romeo explains the importance of osteoporosis education for your long-term health, especially if you’re reaching your senior years.

Why You Should Seek Preventative Treatment To Reduce Your Risk

As Dr. Anthony Romeo says in the article for Forbes, fragility fractures affect a large percentage of the population – about 50% of women over the age of 50 and over 30% of men over the age of 50. These fractures are serious business, and they commonly occur at the hip, wrist, shoulder, elbow, and spine.

These fractures can impact your longterm health and lead you to incur significant healthcare costs. Often, these fractures are the result of untreated, or even undiagnosed, osteoporosis, which is a condition where a bone is more porous than it should be. This makes the bone more fragile and more prone to breaks.

Limit Your Risk of Longterm Health Issues with Preventative Steps

You can greatly reduce your risk of long-term issues by simply seeing a doctor and discussing osteoporosis. Begin by having a DXA scan – this will measure your bone mineral density (BMD), the recognized way to diagnose and track osteoporosis. Receive treatment for your condition, and avoid fractures that plague too many people over the age of 50.

Learn More About Treatment Options Today

If you’d like to find out whether or not you’re suffering from elbow or shoulder pain that may be related to osteoporosis, contact Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD today to set up an appointment. Take a look at our educational knowledge base for more background before speaking with Dr. Anthony Romeo about possible treatment.

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