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Latarjet Surgery New York City


Latarjet surgery in Manhattan, NY

Surgical Options


An open Latarjet surgery results when a patient has undergone a previous shoulder stabilization surgery that has failed or has instability in the setting of bone loss. In this type of procedure, the coracoid process (a small hook-like structure on the front part of the scapula) is moved downward to the neck of the scapula. The subscapularis muscle, which runs across the front of the shoulder, is split to allow the bone block to pass through and attach to the glenoid. The conjoint tendon, which attaches to the tip of the coracoid process of the bone, is left attached.

Latarjet Recovery

For recovery, the first four weeks are spent in a sling, and a simple home exercise program is provided. From four to eight weeks, patients begin formal physical therapy for range of motion, stretching and a light strengthening program is implemented (isometrics/light bands). From eight to twelve weeks, advance strengthening, as tolerated, to light weights. From three to twelve months, patient will be able to advance their strengthening as tolerated and this will include plyometrics and resistance motions. Sports related rehab begins at three months.

Physical Therapy Protocols


Anatomy of the Shoulder as it relates to Surgery
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