Shoulder Injury Prevention

Living Healthy Chicago has teamed up with Dr. Anthony Romeo in order learn about keeping the shoulder healthy to prevent it from injuries. There are three main keys to a healthy shoulder:

  1. Incorporate a program for flexibility.
  2. An exercise program should be in place focusing on rotator cuff strength (for example the use of light resistance, thera-bands and light weight lifting).
  3. Listen to your shoulder! If something doesn’t feel, right stop the activity. If the pain does not subside it would be wise to get it checked out.

There are exercises that can be done at home to strengthen the shoulder and keep it flexible. A healthy diet is also key in keeping the muscles strong and healthy. There is a variety of nutritional supplements and proteins that support muscle strength and play a role in a healthy shoulder. Learn more here!

Contact Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD

The first step to addressing a shoulder or elbow injury is to properly identify the problem. If you’re experiencing shoulder or elbow pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD.

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