Tai-Chi and Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD Can Help Ease Issues with Arthritis

For many people, arthritis is an everyday pain that makes common and simple activities difficult and painful. Fortunately there are simple exercises you can perform to help you alleviate that pain. Forbes recently published an article elaborating on the health benefits of regular Tai-Chi exercises, and Forbes consulted Dr. Anthony Romeo for the article.

“Tai Chi as taught by Tai Chi masters,” Dr. Anthony Romeo told Forbes, “includes a very holistic approach to the person, including not only the physical requirements, but also the balance in mental health, whole body stability, meditation, breathing, and mind-body focus or connection. This helps people develop more positive mental attitudes and well-being, which is likely to also play a role in overall recovery from the stress musculoskeletal impairment.”

What Exactly is Tai-Chi?

Tai-Chi is a series of centuries-old Chinese exercises composed of slow, peaceful, and meditative movements. These include subtle movements of the feet and ankle, hands, arms, and wrists, all designed to calm and relax the person who performs the movements. While many refer to Tai-Chi as a martial art, it doesn’t teach fighting or defense. Instead, it promotes casual exercise and tranquil breathing.

How Tai-Chi Helps with Arthritis Pain

Tai-Chi is the perfect exercise for those suffering from arthritis because it’s simultaneously slow while also reducing the pain the affliction can cause. Like Dr. Anthony Romeo explains in the Forbes article, Tai-Chi is a low-impact aerobic exercise. It can help reduce stress, curb arthritis pain, and provide subtle strength and balancing training. Arthritis can make exercise difficult, but Tai-Chi allows you to stay healthy and reduce the pain that arthritis may cause.

What Can Dr. Anthony Romeo Do for You

In addition to Tai-Chi exercises, Dr. Anthony Romeo and Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD has numerous resources and procedures to help you with complications due to arthritis in your shoulder, elbow, or other problems. For more severe cases of arthritis, Dr. Anthony Romeo provides a number of surgical options.

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If you’re suffering from issues related to arthritis or require other orthopaedic help, schedule an appointment with Dr. Anthony Romeo, MD today. Dr. Anthony Romeo can give you a precise diagnosis and determine a course of treatment that includes a regiment of nice, relaxing Tai-Chi.

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